Who Has The Right To Use An Empty Exercise Room At The Gym?

When no one is using the aerobics room at a gym, who should have priority in using it? Diane likes to use the room to exercise when it’s empty, but one of the instructors at her local 24 Hour Fitness likes to do the same. Well, not their own exercise for fun, but practicing for an aerobics class with the sound system blasting. Club staff gave Diane the impression that staff had priority in using that room over her. Should they?

I’m currently having problems with 24 Hour Fitness. I’ve been a member for 13 years and haven’t had problems until this year. I frequently go in on the weekends to work out in the aerobics room on my own and I’ve had problems with an employee coming in and practicing with the sound system while I’m there. The company says employees can practice whenever they like and made me feel like I’m lucky to be able to use that room at all. Today I plan to call the District Manager, [redacted], today for the second time although I don’t expect I will get better results.

I’m surprised a company of this size puts their employees ahead of customers. If you have any suggestions or tips of how I might resolve this problem, I’d love to hear them.

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