Martha Stewart Testifies In JCPenney Vs. Macy’s Dispute: The More Deals The Merrier, Right?

As retailers JCPenney and Macy’s go back and forth in the bitter battle for the right to sell Martha Stewart branded products, the legend herself popped into court yesterday to defend her company’s decision to sign a deal with one when she’d already pledged her allegiance to another.

In New York State Supreme Court yesterday she was asked about that move to sign with JCPenney even though her company had a longstanding contract with Macy’s.

“We thought, and I hope rightly so, that we were allowed to do such a thing,” she said, according to CNN.

But why would anyone really want or need to buy two enamel casserole dishes at opposite ends of the mall?

“They might have two houses.”

There’s the Martha we know — super in touch with her audience.

Macy’s sounds pretty bummed about Martha Stewart’s deal with JCPenney, claiming that the company worked hard to promote the brand and was upset when its exclusive 2006 agreement didn’t seem to matter to its rival… or Stewart herself.

“Our company has, in good faith, invested significant sums, taken risks and endured a period of disappointing results in order to rebuild the Martha Stewart brand and grow it in important product categories,” Macy’s spokesman Jim Sluzewski said in an email. “JCP is trying to harvest the field planted and cultivated by Macy’s.”

In court last week, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren made it sound even more personal.

“I was literally sick to my stomach,” he told the court about when he heard of the deal with JCPenney, adding that he used to think of Stewart as a friend but hasn’t spoken to her since.

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