Aldi Hits Kid’s Krunch Cereal With Sugary, Sugary Shrink Ray



Matthew was shopping for cereal at Aldi when he noticed something interesting. The boxes of Kid’s Krunch cereal had recently been redesigned, and both versions were on the shelf, side-by-side. That’s a nice opportunity to do some comparisons. Unfortunately for Aldi, what he noticed while comparing the old and new boxes was that the cereal just happened to have lost a few ounces in the process. Oh no––the dreaded Grocery Shrink Ray has come to Aldi!

Kid’s Krunch, you might notice, bears a passing resemblance to Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch. “Very disappointed,” wrote Matthew when sending us these photos. “These cereals are only just cheaper than name brand when it’s on sale.”


A full pound of krunchiness…but not anymore.


The weight change in detail.

What about the peanut butter flavor? That was already 14 ounces, so they wouldn’t shrink it down, would they?

Guess again!

Guess again!

Shrink ray'd!

Shrink ray’d!

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