It Is Our Journalistic Duty To Ask You If People Are Seriously Peeing On Stolen Pregnancy Tests Right There In The Aisle

We came across something today on the ever-surprising Internets that has our brains doing whatnows and ohnotheydidnts all over the place, and we need your help to get a handle on the situation. Specifically — ahem — are people really stealing pregnancy tests and peeing on them right there in the aisle?

This all came about because of a Reddit post where a user submitted a photo that is purportedly of a shelf at Walmart. Items on the shelf include various tools for scrubbing your feet, pumice stones and the like and then, delicately balanced on the cups, a pregnancy test. That is positive*. Which means someone peed on it. In the aisle. And left. It. There.

Some commenters are critical of the set-up being one at an actual Walmart — wood floors? Odd assortment of products? — and while it’s unlike any Walmart we’ve ever seen, others are chiming in that they’ve heard of this scenario.

Says one:

I’ve heard (from Shrink Prevention or whatever they call security at Target and Walmart) that pregnancy tests are one of the top stolen items. People apparently do this a lot. Rather than trying to get the kit home, or sneak it into the bathroom, the women will just squat down and pee on it in an aisle.

A lot of places keep pregnancy tests behind glass now for that reason. I’ve seen condoms behind glass too. People must be stealing those a lot, as well.

Therefore we lay this at your doorsteps, retail associates and all your brethren, whether you work at Walmart, Target or anywhere selling pregnancy tests:


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