All I Want Is A Candy Bar But Target’s System Would Rather Charge Me For A Laptop

Chocolate is very pricy these days.

Chocolate is very pricy these days.

We’ve seen our share of fuzzy math at Target, from purported deals to fuzzy math coupons. But in what world does a candy bar get confused with a laptop? Only in the increasingly muddled world of Target, folks. 

Consumerist reader Leigh spotted the above sign taped to cash register at her local Target last night and says it tickled her funny bone and she couldn’t help but laugh.

While it’s highly unlikely that any cashier would demand a customer fork over a few hundred bucks for a measly Three Musketeers bar, it’s amusing that such a mix-up exists in the system and is acknowledged by Target.

And while Leigh saw this sign just last night, it would appear that either Target is way past its deadline for fixing the bug or has allotted almost an entire year to fixing the problem.

Until then, we hope no one accidentally ends up with a very expensive candy bar.

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