Postal Service Launching Clothing Line Because The Mailman Is The Epitome Of Style

For all those times you sat by the window, admiring the mailman’s way with long shorts and tall socks, the United States Postal Service is here for you, finally. The agency announced it’s looking for new ways to make money while it struggles financially, and that includes a new clothing line it’s planning.

Today the USPS unveiled its plans for a line of clothing and accessories dubbed “Rain Heat & Snow,” to be produced entirely by a Cleveland apparel company called the Wahconah Group. And lest you be worried that the agency’s financial future hinges on this project, it’ll be financed totally by Wahconah.

The USPS will receive “a small percentage of sales,” says Wahconah’s CEO, via CNNMoney. The fact that the agency won’t have to shell out any cash for the design or manufacturer of this line bodes well for it, as there’s not a lot of cash to spread around there these days.

The first line will hit in spring 2014 and will sell in department and specialty stores, while a women’s line is still in the works. All jokes aside, it probably won’t include outfits that will turn you into a mail carrier… at least we don’t think so.

“We’re looking at ways we can generate revenue, and we think this clothing line will have market appeal,” said Roy Betts, an agency spokesman.

We can picture it now — light blue T-shirts reading, “#FREESATURDAY” and dark socks emblazoned with the USPS eagle,  just begging to be pulled up bare legs and displayed proudly.

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