Jeep Targeted By Twitter Hackers Claiming Cadillac Now Has The Keys To The Company

Hey, Jeep. You seem... different?

Hey, Jeep. You seem… different?

UPDATE: We reached out to Jeep for comment and received the following from a spokesman regarding the Twitter hack: “We’re aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”

Ruh roh — there seems to be something going around and Jeep has had the misfortune to catch it. After hackers tapped into Burger King’s Twitter page yesterday and said the company had been sold to McDonald’s, what appears to be the same person/entity has fiddled with Jeep’s Twitter account, claiming it’s been sold to Cadillac.

The hack appears to have happened in the last hour so, and as of this writing the @Jeep account has yet to be suspended by Twitter.

Starting with the tweet: “WELCOME BACK CADILLAC #300” Jeep’s Twitter photo was also changed to a Cadillac logo at first. Minutes later it was subsequently switched out for the default egg avatar.

Soon after the page succumbed to its alter ego, the account tweeted: “We got sold to @Cadillac because we caught our employees doing these in the bathroom =[” followed by a link we deigned to click on because our mother told us not to trust strangers.

It’s only been a day since Burger King went down, and with tags like “#OpWhopper” on the Jeep account as well as other similar hashtags, it would appear that the same culprits are at work here.

Lock up your Twitter passwords, social media departments. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the situation and post updates as they happen.

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