Neighbor Feud Escalates To Malicious Magazine Subscriptions, Could Land Woman In Prison

Is there no end to the misery in the world caused by homeowners associations? In Minnesota, a woman could end up in prison for ten years after signing a neighbor up for two dozen magazine subscriptions. The animosity between neighbors began when one neighbor turned another in to the homeowners association for letting her dog relieve itself on her lawn.

The 50-year-old thought it was just a harmless prank, and that bombarding someone with magazine subscriptions wasn’t a crime. Not so fast! She’s been charged with two counts of stalking, which could result in a ten-year prison sentence and/or a $20,000 fine. The total cost of the twenty-four unwanted subscriptions? $520.

Police tracked down the culprit using high-tech crime scene analysis techniques: they matched her handwriting on a letter to the homeowners association to that found on the subscription cards. HOAs, man. HOAs.

Charges: Woman Signs Neighbor Up For 24 Magazine Subscriptions [WCCO]

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