Walgreens Fuzzy Math Means This ‘Smart Buy’ Is Less Smart Than It Appears



Just in case you thought that the phrase “smart buy” actually had any meaning at Walgreens, here’s proof that employees might just be slapping that label on everything, then calling it a day. Reader Ben found these two different packages of gauze pads, both labeled “smart buys.”

Clearly, this can’t be true, because one package contains twice as many pads as the other while both are the same price. The 100-pad box must be the smarter buy, or at least the marginally more sensible buy.


Update: Evidently neither we nor Ben know as much about gauze as we had thought. Indeed, the pads on the right are cheaper per piece because they’re a different type of gauze, and the “smart buy” is a free first-aid kit. Woohoo! Free stuff! You’re off the hook, Walgreens. This time.

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