Family Suing Disneyland Over Claims Park Employee Was Racist

A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, claiming that while their two children were trying to greet an employee dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, the worker shunned the young boys because they’re black. The alleged incident went down last August, and the family says they don’t want other children to have the same experience.

According to FOX 5 San Diego, the White Rabbit is the favorite character of the family’s 6-year-old boy.

He told the news station: “I went to hug him but he turned his back. It’s made me feel sad because I wanted to really hug him.”

His older brother said he tried to hold the Rabbit’s hand but was also rebuffed.

“The rabbit was turning his back on him like he didn’t event want to touch him, I went up to try to hold his hand but he kept on flicking my hand off,” he said.

The boys’ dad explains that he thought maybe there were new policies in place that barred employees from touching kids, so the adults just stood back to watch. But the family claims that soon after, white children went up to the same employee and were showered with hugs and posed for photos, while their two kids felt “horrible.”

They showed photos to management and filed a complaint, and at first were offered VIP passes, which they turned down. Instead, they asked for an apology and for the employee in the White Rabbit outfit to be fired.

According to the news station, Disney asked the family to sign a confidential waiver in exchange for $500 and they refused. They’ve have opted to hire an attorney to sue Disney, and want the park to watch the surveillance footage to see what happened.

Disney replied to Fox 5 with an emailed statement, saying: “We cannot comment on something that we are not aware of — and that we carefully review all guest claims.”

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