McDonald’s Down Under Testing Fancy Options Like Plates, Cutlery & Table Service

The number one complaint I always have with McDonald’s is that I just don’t feel fancy enough. Where’s the white linen, the gleaming silver, the deferential waiter? I’m not alone, as a McDonald’s in Australia has been given the go-ahead by the company to try out a more formal service style for five weeks. That means the option for plates, real cutlery and table service.

The McDonald’s — or “Macca’s” as they call it Down Under — in question is in a suburb south of Sydney, and had to get approval from Chicago headquarters before attempting this new style, reports the Telegraph..

At the helm of the venture is the couple that owns the location, who say they came up with this plan while serving the man’s parents and mother-in-law meals with real silverware when they’d drop by. Because you can’t make your parents use plastic if you own the joint, right?

Other customers spotted the cutlery and were like hey, what about us? And thus an idea was born.

The head of McDonald’s Australia even tried out the service and subsequently helped the couple get approval from HQ.

It’s been popular so far, according to the wife half of the husband-and-wife team.

”Most of the people who came in decided to try it,”she said.

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