Skullcandy Won’t Honor Earbud Warranty Because I Used Logic When Mailing Them Back

Stephen goes through a lot of headphones, apparently. He had three defective pair of Skullcandy earbuds to return, so he complained about them and got return authorizations for all three. He sent them back using the mailing labels Skullcandy had given him. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick all three mailing labels on the outside of the box, and now Skullcandy says that means they’ll only replace one of them.

He writes:

I had three pairs of Skullcandy earbuds go bad on me, so I filed warranty claims for all of them. I sent them in one package, and afterwards, I was told I should have put the mailing labels for all three on the outside of that box. In spite of the fact that they had the package with all three headphones and all three warranty slips, they decided to honor only one warranty claim. They refuse to replace these headphones, even though they have the other two I sent in.

Apparently, without the label, they just assume that the other two sets of earbuds were random crap that was in the box.

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