Michaels Clearance Price Doesn’t Apply To Clearance Items…Wait, What?

What happens when you divide by zero on a cash register? You can’t. Kim found something about as confusing while shopping at Michaels recently: a clearance sale that doesn’t apply to clearance items, including the item that she wanted to buy.

Clearance, but not clearance

Or something.

Today was the third day of the Michael’s clearance sale. On of the items was marked $39.99 reduced from $79.99. The shelf had the attached sign, which says “70% off.” When I double-checked with a customer service person, she scanned it and the price still came up $39.99. While she was checking, I looked at the sign more closely. Apart from the fact that the sale prices were not in the system 3 days into the sale, what in the world does “% off does not apply to Clearance Merchandise” mean on a sign that says “CLEARANCE” at the top?

Most likely, another customer picked the item up and set it back down on the wrong shelf, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense. It should be one or the other: either the item is on clearance and the price is now 70% off the original price, or it’s on some other kind of sale. 50% off is still a sweet deal, but that doesn’t mean customers won’t be sad about it when they thought they would be getting 70%.

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