4 Years Later, Toys ‘R’ Us Won’t Remove Dead Kid From Their Birthday Club

Image courtesy of (Spark_GGSE)

The Toys ‘R’ Us Birthday Club is a cute program for kids 10 and under: they get a card, small gift, and coupon from company mascot Geoffrey the giraffe. The problem comes when the unthinkable happens, and a child’s name needs to be taken off the list. That happened to Lyndsey’s family, when their middle daughter Kamryn died before her second birthday. The problem was that Toys ‘R’ Us kept sending birthday cards. For four years. Nothing the family did could make them stop.

Desperate, she turned to Facebook, posting the following on their wall:

This was the only way I could think to do this. I have called and begged, friends have called and begged, I have written letters.

Understand that my daughter (8 years old) loves your stores and your birthday club, I am sure my son will too (1yo) but my middle child Kamryn should be 6 years old in two weeks and she died over 4 years ago, right before her 2nd birthday. Please please remove her. Everytime I get this card it is like a punch in the face reminding me that I get to celebrate her birthday without her AGAIN. Please just take her off, can’t take it anymore. Please. Her name is Kamryn [redacted] in NC please just take her off, please.

Other people joined in the campaign, posting on the chain’s wall: fellow grieving parents, and people who saw her plea and happen to have souls. This earned Lyndsey the magical e-mail address that allegedly can get families taken off the list promptly: it’s guestservicessocial@toysrus.com.

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