Use Facebook’s New Search To Find Married People Who Like Prostitutes & Other Fun Stuff

The search for married people who like prostitutes is one of many odd search results that users' over-sharing has opened them up to on Facebook's new Graph Search.

“Married people who like prostitutes” is one of many odd search results that users’ over-sharing has opened them up to on Facebook’s new Graph Search.

When Facebook revealed that its latest, super-secret project was really nothing more than an internal search engine, the general public greeted it with a shrug. But Graph Search may have one amusing aspect — uncovering users’ peculiar behaviors.

In fact, someone has already started a Tumblr page with actual Facebook Graph Search results that range from the familial (Married people who like prostitutes, which also provides links to their spouses), to religious (Mothers of Jewish people who eat bacon) to the cultural (Fans of both the anti-gay group Focus on the Family and openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris) to the… dietary (Tesco employees who like horses; see this story if you don’t get it.)

While the Tumblr page is picking up huge steam online, its creator is pretty well reserved to the fact that this early mockery of Graph Search won’t do anything to get most of Facebook’s hundreds of millions of users to change their over-sharing behavior.

“While Graph Search jokes are a good demonstration to startle people into checking their privacy settings,” he tells TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez, “most people will never actually be affected by it. Most of the danger online comes not from strangers making half-assed joke searches: it comes from people who know you.”

In an FAQ on the site, he provides what we consider sage advice about how to decide when something is share-worthy on Facebook:
“If it’d be awkward if it was put on a screen in Times Square, don’t put it on Facebook.”

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