Sears Apparently Saving On Shipping Costs By Sending My Item Without A Box

Hey, it's in box already. Who needs another one?

Hey, it’s in box already. Who needs another one?

Here at Consumerist HQ we’ve seen more than our fair share of items that have been ridiculously over-packaged, which while it’s a wasteful, silly exercise in shipping, it’s probably preferred to receiving a battered item. Consumerist reader Hui has a bone to pick with Sears’ shipping gang, as the company just can’t seem to find a simple box to send his items in.

He writes that he’s had the misfortune to receive items from Sears twice without adequate packaging — the first time he says his item just showed up swathed in bubble wrap with a shipping label slapped on it and it was so beat up he had to return it.

But the second time, he wasn’t deemed worthy even of that paltry shipping material.

This second time well they just tape the shipping label to the item itself and ship it, talk about convenience to them. Or maybe because I used a coupon code, this is how they get back at me? The box looks rough, makes me want to return it. And if I wanted to give this as a gift I would have to return it. Plus sometimes we just don’t want people to know what we bought. I am surprised UPS even accepts a package like this with no box.

We would say we’re surprised UPS accepted it that way as well, but then again, UPS has been to blame for its role in many a Stupid Shipping Gang occasion.

And Hui is right — maybe Sears thinks it isn’t a big deal that he ordered some wrenches, but despite the fact that they’re an everyday item, he’s got the right to privacy in items delivered to his home.

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