Man Lives In Tiny Apartment For 15 Years So Of Course Now Authorities Kick Him Out

If you think the real estate market is bad here in the U.S., can you imagine subjecting yourself to an apartment so small you couldn’t stand up in it for 15 years? That’s a lot of years worth of stooping and otherwise being cramped as all get out. A man in Paris has been dealing with cramped quarters for years but now that authorities are on his case, he’s been booted from his tiny abode.

The apartment is less than 17 square feet, a no-no by Paris law as living quarters must be a minimum of about 97 square feet and also contain a shower. With the space he had, we’re guessing he could barely even fit a twin bed, much less any sort of bathing equipment.

NPR News says the expensive real estate market is to blame for the man’s willingness to shell out around $442 a month, or 330 euros, to live in the space.

“I come home, I go to bed,” the man told a French radio station, explaining how he was able to function in such a tight space for so long.

He wasn’t exactly being sneaky about it either, as three different real estate agencies had managed the teeny tiny apartment, but he’s  now been booted from the spot. Hasn’t he been punished enough? I might complain of not having a closet but at least I don’t live in one.

The owner of the apartment is now facing a date with a French court.

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