Honda Recalls 748,000 Vehicles Because Airbags Are Supposed To Deploy Properly

A 2009 Honda Pilot, one of the vehicles involved in the recall.

A 2009 Honda Pilot, one of the vehicles involved in the recall.

Someone at the Honda factory apparently goofed and may not have put enough rivets in the airbag assemblies of Pilot and Odyssey vehicles. Without the right number of rivets, the airbag may not deploy properly, which could defeat the entire purpose of an airbag. So it’s time for these cars to be recalled.

The recall covers a total of 748,000 vehicles, covering model-year 2009-2013 Honda Pilots and 2011-2013 Odysseys.

Honda will be notifying owners of affected vehicles in mid-February. The car maker is asking that once owners learn their car is included in the recall, that they then take it to an authorized Honda dealership to have the driver’s side airbag inspected to see if it has the proper number of rivets securing the airbag’s plastic cover. If needed, the airbag will be replaced.

The car maker says it knows of no crashes or injuries related to this issue.

In mid-February, when the recall letters go out, customers will also be about to go to or call (800) 999-1009 — option 4, to determine if their vehicle is included in the recall.

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