Our Dish Brush Breaks, Good Cook Sends Gift Box Of Kitchen Stuff To Apologize

Good Cook gift package

Good Cook gift package

Peet isn’t normally one to share customer experiences, but had such a stunning experience with a company recently that he had no choice. What happened?
Well, his dishwashing brush broke with four refills left, so he contacted the company to ask if replacement handles were available. He was impressed when they promised to send a replacement. Then the box arrived.

I am not one to usually do this, but I was honestly shocked by how a company behaved, that I had to…

Recently we purchased a silly dish washing brush manufactured by Bradshaw International under the Good Cook line. These are simple kitchen accessories that are sold throughout the US and sold at grocery store chains (and I’m sure other outlets as well).

To cut the story short, the brush broke. Normally, I would have just tossed it out and moved on – but in this case, we liked it so much, we bought four refills that now were useless. In a rare moment, I wrote the manufacturer through their customer service link asking if it were possible to get a new handle.

Much to our surprise, not only did we get an email back apologizing for our “inconvenience” but also a promise of a new one is coming our way. Way to go Good Cook we thought. A few days later, we get an official letter in the mail again apologizing for the issue and thanking us for being a customer and that a replacement was ordered. Today, a box arrived and it was much heavier than a brush handle should be.

We were completely thrown back that this company took the time to reply to the email, then to write a great letter and to replace the handle, but when we opened the box we were totally surprised that they included an assortment of their kitchen tools as a sort-of apology. Rather than the box containing just a new handle, it had a can opener, tongs, rubber scrapers and lots of other kitchen gadgets.

Sure the cost of these items is not great, but I am moved to write this because a company cared enough to make up for an issue and really go the extra mile in showing that they cared.

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