Elderly Person Drives Into Chicago Apple Store, Unclear Whether He Was Using Apple Maps

We’re but two weeks into 2013 and already it’s proving itself to be the year of people driving into retail stores. As in, through the front windows. Just last week a guy crashed into a pizza place and ordered a pizza, and now driver described only as an “elderly person” has taken a trip through a Chicago Apple store with a car.

Unlike the guy did in the pizza place crash, the driver of the Lincoln Town car that went through the front of the Lincoln Park Apple store did not order an iPhone, iPad or other Apple product, at least.

Chicago Police say one person was being treated for minor injuries in last night’s crash, reports the Chicago Tribune, and it’s investigating how it all went down.

The sedan didn’t stop at the glass walls, it made its way into the store by four or five feet and finally came to a rest near display cases filled with various Apple electronics, said witnesses.

Surprisingly enough for an accident involving a lot of glass walls like at any Apple store, only one person was reported to have suffered any injuries and is in good condition. This could be that the store “seemed to be closed already,” according to a witness.

Of course we’re only poking fun at the company when pondering whether or not the driver was using Apple maps at the time of the incident, it’s not that far-fetched: Australian police had to warn travelers against using the maps app on iPhones because it was leading people into the wilderness.

Car drives into Apple store in Lincoln Park, 1 hurt [Chicago Tribune]

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