Anthropologie Apologizes For Using Racist Vintage Items In Overpriced Candlesticks



Here’s the thing, Anthropologie: If we’re going to shell out big bucks, say, $398 on an overpriced candlestick, we want it racism-free. The company recently had a bit of mud on its face for selling “one of a kind” candlesticks, one of which happened to feature not one, but two racially insensitive figurines.

Anthropologie was selling the Trinket & Treasure Candlestick for almost $400 with a picture that showed a candlestick with a bunch of figurines stacked on top of each other. Let’s see, there’s JFK, and a picture of an Alaska house and… a Mammy figurine? Followed by a stereotypical Asian. Oof.

That item is now being listed as no longer available online after the media got its teeth into Anthroplogie last night, and the company’s public relations director issued an explanation to Buzzfeed, saying:

“An independent artisan makes these one-of-a-kind candlesticks from vintage ceramics. Unfortunately two that we received included extremely inappropriate figurines, and we have removed them from our website.” She adds: “We sincerely regret the offense we have caused.”

It received not one but two? We can only imagine what the other one featured. Here’s a question — yes, there may have only been two that had the offensive figurines, but then to go ahead and use a photo of one to illustrate the product in your catalogue? Didn’t anyone stop and think, “Hey, that’s a really, awful, terrible idea”?

Perhaps we shouldn’t so surprised. After all, the brand is owned by Urban Outfitters, basically the king of controversial clothing — from maybe sorta kinda promoting underage drinking to trying to go for that Holocaust look. Sounds like someone could use some sensitivity training. Or like, a seminar called “Common Sense: How To Use It!”

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