GameStop Offers To Ship Out-Of-Stock Item, Doesn’t Mention It Will Take 7-9 Days Instead Of 3

Joseph wanted to buy a PSVita, and went to GameStop to see whether they had one available. New or used, didn’t matter. They didn’t have any in stock, but told him that they could order one online for him, and it would arrive in three business days, with free delivery. That was fine by him, until he learned what he had actually bought: a refurbished Vita, yes, but one that would take as long as nine days to ship to his house.

Just wanted to drop you guys a line about my recent purchase experience at Gamestop in [redacted]. On 1/4/13 I walked into Gamestop on [redacted] Rd in [redacted], NY and inquired about purchasing a PSVita console either new or used. The employee stated that they and no used consoles but they had one new for 249.99. I said I would take it, and the employee began to look up the console in the computer, he looked up and said he could not find it.

I asked him to look at other stores and see what they had in stock at the time new or used, he could not find a thing but stated that i could purchase a refurb on the website through the store and it would be deliver to me within THREE business days for free. So i said ok do it and I paid for the console and that was it.

Today, 1/6/13, I look up the order online and it says that anything purchased online takes TWO days to process and FIVE to SEVEN days to ship……So now I’m pissed, I look up online and see another store has them new in stock and I call up Gamestop customer service to cancel the order. They can cancel the order no problem but the refund can take two weeks to processed and it comes in the form of a GIFT CARD!!!!!

I am done with Gamestop. Thanks for letting me vent.

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