Spirit Airlines Flight Bumps Up Against Parked US Airways Plane On Its Way To The Gate

Can you still call it a fender-bender if there are no fenders involved, and instead it’s two giant skybirds (you might know them as airplanes) having a run-in in the runway?** Or is it just a quick clip? In any case, no one was hurt and since the Spirit Airlines flight had just landed when it ran into a parked US Airways plane, passengers likely didn’t have to suffer a huge delay.

The Spirit Airlines Airbus A-320 bumped up against a US Airways plane of the same make  where it was parked far from the usual daily airport hubbub at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Monday night, reports the Florida Sun Sentinel.

The Spirit flight had just landed on its way from Atlanta with 162 passengers and was taxiing to the gate.

Both planes sustained damage when the left wingtip of the Spirit flight bonked the US Airways plane, but officials are investigating how exactly the Spirit flight was even close enough to do so.

The US Airways craft suffered a gash in the tail section, while the Spirit plane’s wing was damaged by its run-in with the other plane. However, the Spirit Airbus was able to return to service shortly afterward.

*Pictured plane wasn’t involved in the incident.
**Runway was used just for alliterative purposes. Neither aircraft was on an active runway.

Commercial jetliner’s wingtip clips parked plane’s tail [Florida Sun-Sentinel]

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