X-Ray Technology Makes Your iPad A Silly Place To Try To Hide Saw Blades From The TSA

You know how when you’re traveling with multiple saw blades and you just can’t bear the thought of parting with them, even for the duration of a flight where they’d be safely tucked away in checked baggage? Well it turns out if you try to snuggle them up to your iPad, the Transportation Security Administration will be able to see them using its handy-dandy X-ray machines.

A traveler at Washington’s Dulles Airport apparently thought taping the blades to his iPad would deceive agents because hey, they’re metal and so is the tablet, Buzzfeed notes.

The TSA tweeted the image of the blades with the caption: “TSA at IAD detected three artfully concealed saw blades hidden in this iPad on 12/21. Traveler turned them over, made his flight.”

Sooo that was the end of it? We imagine the conversation going something like, “Hey, you’ve got some sharp blades you’re trying to take onto an airplane, but you weren’t planning on doing anything bad with them even though you took the time to try to hide them, right?” “Nope.” “Okay, have a safe flight!”

Man Tries Sneak Saw Blades Onto An Airplane In His iPad [Buzzfeed]

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