Rite-Aid Sells Your Favorite Celebrity Colons At Clearance Prices

Now you can bathe with your favorite singers' colon -- at a discount.

Now you can bathe with your favorite singers’ colon — at a discount.

Have you ever been ogling Usher, or Faith Hill, or Beyonce, Halle Berry, Celine Dion, or Britney Spears and thought, “I would just love to have some of this celebrity’s colon, but I simply can’t afford it”? Well, you might want to check out this offering from Rite-Aid.

Consumerist reader Scott noticed that his local Rite-Aid store in West Hollywood was having a 50% off clearance sale on “Bath and Colon Sets” from the aforementioned stars of song and screen.

We’d always imagined that colons would be packed in dry ice and only available on the black market, but here they are in fancy packaging sitting on the shelf at the drugstore, and for half off.

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