HHGregg Keeps Calling Me To Pick Up The Freezer I Already Have

Chris has a freezer. He bought it from HHGregg in November, and has no complaints about it. His problem is with the additional free freezer that the store keeps trying to give him. Sort of. They keep calling to tell him to pick up the freezer. He’s missed all of the calls, which come every two weeks. Would they really hand over a new freezer, though?

Chris writes:

Back in late November before black friday I bought a Haier 7 cubic foot deep freezer. It was around $200. I went and picked it up on the day they said it would be available. I didn’t wait for them to call me to say it was in. When I went to get it, it was obvious they hadn’t unpacked their shipment yet. I picked it up that day, signed for it and everything. Now every two weeks I get a call from HH Gregg wanting to know when I will be in to pick up my freezer.

I obviously have the freezer. I signed for it. They have their signed copy, as do I. Do I call back and tell them this, or do I attempt to pick up a 2nd freezer (its Christmas time, I’d just give it to someone) or do I call in and ask for a refund and tell them I already have one (not a lie, I do…but yeah).

Morals / ethical delima. I’ve been getting their calls now (three of them, when I’m at work, to my cell phone (was unable to pickup each time)) so I just got the voice mail. Is my my fault they can’t manage their store / inventory ? Should I take advantage of them? Hindsight said I should of bought a large screen tv if they want to give me two…

Or are the calls just a remnant of a misplaced record in the system that would be fixed if Chris actually showed up at the store and tried to claim his fridge? That’s pretty likely if these are robocalls.

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