Woman Cited For Shopping Cart Rage Because There Are Plenty Of Carts To Go Around

The nice thing about the supermarket is that they have these large, rolling vessels available to use for free, so shoppers can fill them with items and not have to carry all those groceries. They’re called shopping carts, and unless there’s some special occasion where a store is flooded with shoppers, there are usually quite a few of them available. So punching a fellow shopper in the face over shopping cart rage? That doesn’t need to happen.

State police in Uniontown, Pa. say a woman is facing two citations after she attacked another woman in what’s being called “shopping cart rage” at Walmart.

The Herald Standard says the 19-year-old woman “became enraged” when the other shopper took an empty shopping cart that she apparently was using, and approached the store’s entryway with the purloined cart. The suspect approached the other woman and took the cart away.

That seemed to be fine with the woman, as she simply went to the cart area and grabbed another one, and again tried to enter the store. Police say the 19-year-old was “still enraged” and proceeded to run down the woman, push a cart into her back and jumped onto her to punch her in the face. But she had already gotten her cart back…? Needless.

The woman was cited by a district judge with harassment and disorderly conduct.

Woman cited in shopping cart dispute [Herald Standard]

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