Comcast Adds NBC Peacock To New Logo, Hoping To Replace Thoughts Of Mediocre Cable With Memories Of So-So TV Shows

Behold the rare Comcastic Peacock (Pavo comcasticus).

Behold the rare Comcastic Peacock (Pavo comcasticus).

Even though NBC’s TV offerings only represent a relatively small portion of Comcast’s overall business, the folks at Kabletown are giving the network’s classic peacock logo a prime position in the new Comcast logo.

The logo, which was revealed to employees last night, replaces Comcast’s well-known black-and-red design with an all-caps version of the company name crowned by the peacock logo that’s been associated with NBC for 56 years. It will gradually replace all the existing logos on Comcast trucks, uniforms, ads and marketing materials. The Xfinity branding will remain unchanged.

“The peacock is one of the most recognizable brands in America, and if you look at the iconic peacock with the modern new font for Comcast, it brings together the whole concept of media and technology,” a company rep tells the Wall Street Journal.

However, as the Journal points out, the entirety of NBC Universal’s broadcast TV division only accounts for 2% of Comcast’s operating profit and 13% of revenue.

If this logo is anything like the real NBC, it will last for about four weeks before being canceled or shifted to a graveyard time slot on Saturday night.

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