Most Macy’s Stores Will Stay Open For The 48 Hours Leading Up To Christmas Day

If you listen very carefully, you might be able to hear groans of “Aww, man… Really?” coming from retailers other than Macy’s. That’s because the department store company has announced it will have most of its stores open continuously for the 48 hours leading up to Christmas Day. That kind of move puts the screws on other retailers to follow suit with similar plans if they want to grab any of your last-minute dollars as well.

Macy’s “One Day Sale” event will run from Friday, Dec. 21 at 7 a.m. through Sunday, Dec. 23 at 7 a.m. But then many stores will stay open through midnight, which will mean 65 consecutive hours, notes ABC News.

The madness doesn’t stop there — 34 Macy’s stores will be open until 2 a.m. on Dec. 24 while 23 others will welcome customers until the close of business on Christmas Eve. The company offered extended hours starting in 2006 in New York, adding in other locations that were open for 24 hours before Christmas along the way.

If we’ve learned anything from the Black Friday Creep (hereby dubbed BFC) we witnessed this year, now that Macy’s has announced this bold move, we’re sure plenty of other retailers will offer extended hours in order to give shoppers as many chances to spend money as they can. And just like with BFC, this might be great for the retailers but is likely going to come as less than welcome news to store employees.

We’re sure Toys ‘R’ Us is all like, “Whatever, amateurs!” right now — last year the toy store stayed open for 112 hours straight before Christmas.

Retailers Feeling Pressure for Longer Store Hours, as Macy’s Announces 48-Hour Openings [ABC News]

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