TSA: Police Arrested 3 People Trying To Take Guns Through Atlanta Airport In 2 Hours

Oh, you forgot you had that bottle of shampoo in your carry-on? That’s a little woops. But three different people forgetting they had guns in their bags within two hours at the Atlanta airport? That’s what we call a Transportation Security Administration headache. Police say they arrested three people after discovering firearms in each person’s bag while they were trying to go through the security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

The TSA is taking this time to remind everyone please, check your bags before you try to bring a gun on a plane, accidentally or otherwise, reports WSBTV.com.

First on Monday, cops arrested a woman who had a .380 handgun in her carry-on while going through security at about 10:45 a.m. Then at noon, police cuffed a man who they say had a loaded .32 caliber handgun in his things. His dad said he’d just forgotten the gun was in the bag. Then less than an hour later, a woman was stopped going through security with another .380 handgun in her bag. Her lawyer says she didn’t know it was there.

“It was absolutely a mistake. She’s a sales rep. She brings the gun with her in her bag when she’s in her territory. She’s a woman just trying to make sure she’s safe,” the attorney told the news station. “She was going on a business trip and accidentally left it in there.”

The TSA says last year it discovered 69 guns at the airport last year. The curtain hasn’t fallen on 2012 yet and that number is up to 87 already.

While it might seem like an awfully hard thing to forget you’re carrying, other Georgians noted to the station that the state’s laws concerning carrying guns could ostensibly lead to such a slip. But yeah, check your bags, people. “I forgot” isn’t a great defense.

The three involved in Monday’s gun findings face charges of carrying a weapon in unauthorized locations.

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