State Says Restaurant’s Church Bulletin Discount On Sundays Isn’t Discriminatory, But Needs Work

Image courtesy of (bluwmongoose)

Is a promotion offering discounts to customers who bring in a “current church bulletin” discriminatory or unfair to people who aren’t religious? One Pennyslvania restaurant won’t remove or re-word their 10% off promotion for churchgoers, saying that it’s helped business on Sundays. It has, but it also got the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Now the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has made its decision: the promotion can continue. They do, however, make the helpful suggestion that taking the word “church” out of the menu wording would probably annoy atheists less. They could just say ‘bring in your bulletin from a faith-oriented group’ or however they want to word that,” a commission spokeswoman told the local newspaper.

Someone needs to found the Church of the Holy Restaurant Discount. Distribute printable PDF bulletins. Problem solved.

Columbia restaurant gets OK to give discounts to patrons with church bulletins [Lancaster Online] (Thanks, Sherri!)