Restaurant Tells Off Displeased Customer On Facebook: “You Must Enjoy Vomit”

If there’s one thing we know about running a restaurant (which is really not much), we know it’s probably not going to turn out well when you attack a displeased customer via social media, even if they hit first. A Boston restaurant dealt with a woman who posted on its Facebook page that part of her meal “literally tasted like vomit” with a tirade of its own, reportedly by the chef, accusing her of enjoying vomit since she knows what it tastes like.

The customer decided not to complain about her Thanksgiving meal at the restaurant and instead posted her negative review of it on the restaurant’s Facebook page, reports Eater Boston (the post has since been taken down, it appears, but Eater has screengrabs).

“Really horrible pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!! Wow. I don’t have a clue as to why you would think that throwing pumpkin chunks into a cold pre baked pie shell and then covering it with a cream sauce that literally tasted like vomit. { I am very serious!} and topping it off with whipped cream that was runny would in any way be something that can be called pumpkin pie? The whole meal was awful and the one thing thought would be a good ending was the worst part of it all. Spent 200.00 and will never be back. Thanks for ruing my Thanksgiving! I would of rather gave the money to the homeless person outside your front door that waste it on that crappy food. Merry Christmas!

Okay, so, it’s pretty clear she didn’t like her meal. A bit overboard, maybe. But she’s the customer, and the customer is always right… right?

Not so, replied the chef (allegedly). His replies in full read, with asterisks inserted:

“hey [customer] , go f*** your self! if you have any questions on how to proceed, please call me at 617 *** ****. you must enjoy vomit you b**** if you know how much it tastes like. secondly, if you had any clue about eating out, or balls, you would of informed your server you were unhappy with some thing, while at the restaurant , not on face book…………again f***you, dont come back. (“sorry if you can’t afford it , and i don’t want your money :)”Also Judging by how fat your face looks , you most Likely shouldn’t be eating anymore desserts anyway Sweet pea xo”

Yikes. He added a new post on the page to tell his customers that they should always bring any problem to the attention of the restaurant while they’re there. Which yes, is ideal, but if they don’t, it’s not necessary to go off on a displeased customer — doing so only shows how little you care about your customers in general. Instead, businesses should swallow that criticism and endeavor to do better, even if it hurts.

(Restaurant) to Customer: ‘You Must Enjoy Vomit’ [Eater]

*Thanks for the tip, James!

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