Starbucks Store Gives Away Two Months Of Tips To Charity

Image courtesy of (whatatravisty)

A Starbucks store in Greencastle, IN, recently handed over a check to the local chapter of the Humane Society, representing the full amount of tips taken in by the coffee shop in September and October.

“The whole thing is about giving back to the community, so it makes so much sense that the tips go back to the community,” explains the former Starbucks manager who came up with the concept earlier this fall. She has since moved on to start her own business but the idea continued on after her exit.

She tells the Greencastle Banner Graphic that none of the 17 Starbucks staffers put up a fuss about not being able to have the extra cash: “[N]ot one single one of our employees said, ‘Oh, so we’re not going to get to keep our tips?’ The team has embraced the whole idea.”

Perhaps that’s because they apparently don’t get much in the way of tips. The total for September and October was only $1,250, which averages out to a little more than $9/week per employee. Regardless, it’s still money they have a right to but are voluntarily deciding to donate.

And the giving won’t stop with the first donation. The November and December tips — which could increase as more people seek hot beverages and the spirit of giving kicks in — will go to the Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry.

[via StarbucksGossip]

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