Why I Left Best Buy After Waiting In Line For Two Hours On Black Friday

Image courtesy of Youtube


Like many people in his Connecticut town, Consumerist reader RC thought he would pop by Best Buy when it opened at midnight on Black Friday to see if he could land a deal. But either the store management grossly underestimated how many customers would show up or they have no idea how to manage the checkout process.

As you can see in RC’s video below, the line at the Best Buy snaked around and around and around, with hundreds of customers trying to pay for their purchases. Meanwhile, only two cashiers were available for the entire store.

“I was in line from 12:45 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., and was only about 30% of my way to the register,” writes RC. “I gave up… this much aggravation wasn’t worth it. What’s the point to only having two registers open for 1000+ people? My guess is that since they have this titanic line interweaving through-out the isles they want you to stay in the store as long as possible.”

RC says this is the second year in a row he’s walked out of Best Buy empty-handed on Black Friday. Last year, it was because he had wasted his time waiting in the wrong line — in spite of being assured by numerous employees that he was in the correct line — and that he’d needed a ticket to purchase the tablet he wanted to buy.

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