Samsung Pulls Storage Drive YouTube Ad Because Smashing Puppies Is Frowned Upon

Who hasn’t wanted to smash up a piece of technological equipment in a fit of “My Incredibly Advanced And Amazing Magic Computer Box Won’t Cooperate” rage? Right, we’ve all felt crazy, so we get where Samsung was coming from with its YouTube ad for the new SSD 840, a solid state storage drive. But turning those computers into electronic puppies with sad faces as they meet their doom? Maybe not the best marketing move.

Those cute little computers with cartoon puppy eyes, arms and legs aren’t just smashed up in the “Don’t Give Up On Puppy Love!” that Samsung took down today as a result of general outrage (you can see a re-uploaded version below). One is dropped off a cliff, one is shot in the face… and in the case of the one getting smashed up by its own keyboard, we even get to experience the violence from the puppy/computer’s point of view.

“Wait, so what is the point?” you might be asking. Samsung was likely trying to tug on our heart strings by telling consumers not to give up on their beloved devices, but instead to save them by upgrading with its storage drive. Kind of a roundabout way to go about it, eh?

“Samsung, this was wrong, really, show it to a kid and see the reaction,” one YouTube user said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Come on, how could you? did you see the face of the yellow puppy as it was bashed? oh COME ON.”

The puppy-slaying madness to an end when a man decides not to let his computer be crushed at a landfill, and instead opts for the Samsung drive. Man’s best friend is saved, sure. But not until after we have to watch all those other horrific man-on-puppycomputer acts of violence.

Samsung pulls YouTube ad depicting computer ‘puppies’ being smashed [Los Angeles Times]

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