Dollar Shave Club Replaces Lost Handle, No Questions Asked, Wins Customer Over

Image courtesy of The ad that ate the Internet.

The ad that ate the Internet.

Consumerist reader Mark signed up for Dollar Shave Club after catching the razor subscription service’s ad that devoured the Internet earlier this year. Since then he’s been satisfied with his decision, but it’s how the company responded to his minor problem that has Mark saying he’s sticking with the service forever.

Mark, who was recently hospitalized, accidentally left the handle for his 4-blade razor somewhere in the hospital room and found himself with razors but no handle on which to place them.

And since it’s not a good idea to try shaving by holding the razor with just your fingers, Mark wrote to Dollar Shave Club to see how he could buy a replacement.

To his surprise, the company replied that it was sending out a free replacement right away. It arrived this morning and Mark couldn’t be more pleased.

“No charge, no questions, no hassles,” he writes. “That’s why I’ll probably continue to be a Dollar Shave Club member forever… It’s another example of exemplary Customer Service and why companies who offer such make it and those who don’t, well… don’t.”

Speaking of which, it looks like the little company with the funny ad is set to expand. It recently raised $9.8 million in Series A funding from venture capital firms and started selling subscriptions to customers in Canada earlier this month.

“The goal of Dollar Shave Club is making guys’ lives better primarily by making shaving better and having a lot of fun while doing it,” company co-founder and CEO (and guy in the commercial) Michael Dubin recently told TechCrunch.

Of course, we know that half — if not all — of you are just skipping down to rewatch the commercial. So here goes:

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