6 Holiday Gifts You’d Be Better Off Buying Some Other Time Of The Year

Image courtesy of (Joy of the Mundane)

We’ve told you before that while there are plenty of sales on Black Friday, it is rarely the best day to get the lowest price on quality goods. But a new report claims that you’d be better off buying some common gift items outside of the holiday months.

The folks at Kiplinger put together a roundup of 12 items not to buy during the holidays. To save you from clicking through the slideshow, we’ve pulled out the ones that are the most frequently seen under the Christmas tree (along with one that’s not so common, but which is nonetheless advertised every year).

1. Laptops
Kiplinger says that while manufacturers roll out their latest and greatest models in time for the holidays, you’re more likely to get the best deal in late summer or early fall, when retailers clear out inventory.

2. Cameras
Many new models of camera are released in the early part of the new year, so if you’re looking for a low price on a camera, wait until February (President’s Day weekend in particular) to snap up the sales on last year’s model, suggests Kiplinger.

3. Bikes
Though bicycles should be discounted during the holiday season, Kiplinger says you’ll do best to wait until after the holidays when stores are eager to unload their stock: “Shops are more likely to throw in a few extra free accessories because they are looking for business during the slow winter months.”

4. Jewelry
Jewelry prices can actually go up during the holidays, as buyers scramble to purchase the perfect sparkling rings, necklaces, and earrings. Kiplinger says that jewelers are most willing to negotiate after tax season and that you’ll probably find the lowest prices in the gift-giving desert that is July and August.

5. Tools
Your mom might want a new reciprocating saw for the holidays, but if she can wait until Father’s Day in June, you can save about 25% on her gift.

6. Cars
I’ve never personally known anyone who found a car wrapped up in a big bow, but that hasn’t stopped car makers from stoking that dream every holiday season. But Kiplinger says the best month for a deal on a new car is actually in April. It’s not as postcard-pretty as a big red ribbon powdered in fresh snow on Christmas morning, but for the recipient it’s a free car, so they shouldn’t complain too much about waiting a few months.

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