Verizon Closing Its App Store Because You Can Buy Apps Everywhere Else, So Why Bother?

Those Verizon Wireless customers with a Blackberry or Android phone will soon have one less icon on their phoens come January 2013, as Verizon announced it’s killing off its branded app store at that time. Why? Simply because with all the other ways for customers to access apps for their phones, the company says it’s not needed anymore.

In a blog post on the Verizon site, the company says it started Verizon Apps way back when in March 2010 when the first surge of apps hit the mobile phone arena. Things are different now, though, so it’s time to streamline.

In January of 2013, Verizon will start the process of removing the Verizon Apps application from ALL compatible Android and Research in Motion devices. We anticipate completing this process by March 27, 2013. But, no need to fear. Most apps existing on Verizon Apps are already available on multiple app storefronts, such as Google PLAY, Amazon and BlackBerry® App World. Business applications submitted to Verizon’s Private Applications Store for Business will continue to be available for purchase and download to enterprise customers.

Android devices already rely on the Google Play store on smartphones and tablets anyway, and besides, having an app preloaded onto your phone that you can’t delete is just one more headache for phone customers. We’re surprised Verizon is even going so far as to remove the bloatware for its users, so thanks for that.

New devices will of course not come with the zombie apps, and over the course of a few months, you should see the icon disappear magically from your device. If only it was that easy with all the other unwanted stuff hogging space on our smartphones. If only.

Verizon Apps Closing January 2013 [Verizon Wireless Blog]

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