Staples Agrees To Let New Best Pal Forever Amazon Install Lockers In Its Stores

We’ve heard about Amazon’s new delivery system, wherein online shoppers can send their packages to physical pick-up locations and grab their stuff from lockers. Previously the company announced that the lockers would be at grocery stores and malls and the like, and now it seems Staples is on board to become a locker host as well.

Staples is the largest office supply chain in the U.S., and it’s spreading its arms wide to the online e-tailer giant with the announcement that it will install the Amazon lockers at some of its U.S. stores, reports Reuters.

Online shoppers simply choose to have their items shipped to one of the locations with lockers, whether at a convenience store, drug store or Staples, and can then meander over to grab their purchases at their leisure.

Once an item is purchased and the locker option is chosen, customers receive a pickup code, which is then used on the locker to open it and retrieve the items inside. That way if you miss a delivery, you can only blame yourself and go back to pick it up the next day — for up to three days. Then the item goes back.

Of course, Amazon will have to be paying rent to Staples for letting it keep lockers at the stores. Does this mean that Staples has given up on competing with Amazon online, or is the hope that Amazon customers picking stuff up at lockers will stay in the store and grab items while they’re there anyway?

Staples to have Amazon lockers in U.S. stores: spokeswoman [Reuters]

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