Ronzoni Shrink Rays Pasta Packages, Or Maybe Wants Us To Cut Back On Carbs

Chris brought home a box of Ronzoni’s enriched Smart Taste pasta, then noticed something interesting: the box was smaller than the previous one of the same brands. That’s pretty ordinary around here. What stands out, though, is that the portion guide on the back divides the smaller box up into more servings. Is Ronzoni employing the Grocery Shrink Ray, or trying to get us all to cut back on carbs?

Ronzoni Smart Taste Elbows have reduced from 14.5 ounces (411 g) to 12 ounces (340 g) . A 17% reduction from previous boxes.

On the back you’ll noticed that they have adjusted their “Perfect Pasta Guide”. You now get 6 servings with a full 12 oz box. It was only 4 servings on the bigger box. So, not only did you lose pasta, you’re feeding it to more people according to the new specs.

On top of that, they never adjusted the Macaroni & Cheese recipe. Still 1 box, no adjustment with the other ingredients.

Best buy dates for the pastas were Feb 7, 13 (14.5 oz) and Jul 29, 13 (12 oz).

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