UK Court Tells Apple It Isn’t Being Blatant Enough With Its Samsung Apology, Orders It To Try Again

A court of appeal in the UK is issuing a bit of a verbal smackdown to Apple, chiding it for not putting its all into the statement it was ordered to post acknowledging that Samsung hadn’t infringed on its copyrighted designs. A judge reprimanded the company and told it to put a new statement that complies with the ruling in a prominent spot on its homepage and not hidden away in a link that leads elsewhere on the site.

Apple has 48 hours to display the new statement, and it must keep it up on the site until Dec. 14, reports The Guardian. The one it tried to use last week was called “non-compliant” with the order a judge made in October to post a notice that Samsung didn’t copy the design of the iPad and other Apple products.

A judge told Apple at a hearing today that it had better switch up the wording on the statement, slap it on the front page of the site and use at least 11-point font to trumpet the news.

Apple countered by saying it would take way longer to put up a new statement, at least 14 days, but judges weren’t buying that. You’re a tech giant and you can’t swap out a statement in a matter of hours, much less minutes? Please.

The corrected statement will still include Apple acknowledging that the designs weren’t copied, but it shouldn’t have details from other court cases in the U.S. that were related, especially cases where the ruling had come down against Samsung. Apple was also supposed to carry similar statements in major UK papers, which it doesn’t appear to have done yet.

Saying “sorry” is hard to do, isn’t it?

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