Starbucks Testing Out Powermats So You Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone While Camped Out There


The days of jockeying for position near the power outlets and Starbucks could be a thing of that past soon: Starbucks is teaming up with Duracell to try out wireless charging systems with Powermats at 17 locations in Boston. The idea being that we often keep our cell phones out on the table, so why not charge them while they’re just lying around?

These stores will have a “limited time in-store trial for wireless charging,” Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman told the Boston Globe. “We’re building the Powermat technology into some of the tabletops, just to get a sense for how our customers will react, compared to having to plug their mobile devices into the wall.”

However if you don’t already have an accessory for your phone that allows it to use inductive charging, Starbucks will likely do some in-store giveaways and keep loaners on hand behind the counter.

It’s a winning plan for Starbucks — if more customers can stay charged longer, they’ll stay in the stores and buy more coffee and food.

“We want people to feel welcome and stay as long as they want to,” Brotman told the Boston Globe when asked if that was the company’s intention with the wireless charging and free WiFi.

Each of the 17 stores will feature about eight Powermats. If you’re in the Boston area and find one, try it out and let us know via how it works for you — some drawbacks of the Powermats include the fact that they take a lot longer to charge up a phone and could heat devices up in the process.

Starbucks picks Boston for pilot test of wireless charging, in partnership with Duracell Powermat [Boston Globe]

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