Welcome To The Hilariously Passive-Aggressive UPS Store

Every community has at least one business that has built up, over the years, an impressive collection of passive-aggressive warning signs. Where reader J. lives, that business is the UPS Store: an establishment where colorful clip art warns customers not to take more than one candy from the dish on the counter, because cameras are watching. Oh, sorry, “THE CAMERA’S.”

These photos are a little blurry, but when you read the signs, you’ll see why J. was trying to be stealthy and avoid detection.

Taking more than one hard candy will be prosecuted. Evidently.

“The U-Verse process takes them like 5 minutes,” notes our tipster, J.

“The owner was talking to a customer about how he thinks that restocking fees are so petty and it is just a way for companies to nickel and dime their customers,” J. wrote to us. “Meanwhile, he has a sign up that he will charge to tape your box and only take cash for it!”