Diapers Are Apparently The Hot New Thing In Retail Theft

Move over Tide, your day in the shoplifting spotlight is over. A new star is on the rise, and he’s wearing stolen diapers.

Actually, according to police in Puyallup, WA, a trio of criminals have been boosting both Tide and Huggies from area stores.

Police say two of the accused women would enter a store a few minutes apart, then meet up in the detergent aisle, where they would load up their cards with six or more of the pricey containers.

Then it’s off to the diaper dept., in order to heist the Huggies.

The full carts are temporarily stowed while the women reconnoiter the front of the store, and as soon as they spot a lapse in security, they are out the door with their stolen goods and into the waiting getaway car.

Police say they pulled off this type of diapers and detergent double-dip five times in two weeks.

“What they told the officers was they were able to sell this stuff to mom-and-pop stores in Tacoma at half price,” a police officer tells KOMO News.

Earlier this year, police around the nation all seemed to suddenly realize that pallets’ worth of Tide were being stolen from stores and ending up in the hands of barely organized crime and local drug dealers, some who were accepting the expensive suds in lieu of cash.

Of course, we can’t stop thinking of the original diaper bandit, H.I. McDunnough, who will be taking those Huggies and whatever cash you got:

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