Armed Robbery Suspect: I Was Mad At Mean Things CVS Worker Said About Another Thief

Why would a man allegedly confront a CVS employee with what looked like a handgun and run away? Simple. He says he was mad at the worker for talking smack about some other guy — not him, nope — who had robbed the store weeks before. So, duh, that’s why he came to avenge that other person’s good name who definitely, certainly was not him. Not because he wanted to actually hold up the store.

See, the man explained to cops, he’d overheard the CVS pharmacy worker disparaging the other thief while the employee was at the suspect’s place of employment. A store security camera had captured an armed man stealing from a box behind an unattended check-out station weeks earlier, reports the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Mich.

“He said whoever did it was a coward,” the suspect explained at his hearing ,where he pleaded guilty to pleading guilty to assault with intent to rob while armed. He added that he didn’t go to the CVS intending to rob it, and besides, he was only brandishing a toy gun he’d just bought.

Not one to stand for such ill will being expressed against a complete, total stranger who again, was not the same man, he headed to the store to make things right.

“I pointed the gun at him, he ran and I left,” the man said. “I just intended to intimidate him.”

A judge noted that she couldn’t accept his guilty plea if he didn’t admit he was there to rob the store, and granted a prosecution motion to combine the two CVS cases into one trial. The cases are connected if the first robbery prompted the second incident, explained the judge. The man remains in jail in lieu of a $1.2 million bond.

But again, it was not the same man. Really.

Bizarre reasoning undercuts CVS armed robbery plea [Daily Telegram]

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