Net10 Blames Coverage For Identical Replacement Phone That Won’t Get Reception

Image courtesy of (JD Hancock)

M. likes Net10, but Net10 doesn’t seem to like him very much. At least their towers don’t. When his phone dove into a pool, he replaced it with a refurbished one. The new phone is the same model as the old one, but he says that Net10 insists that this is a coverage issue. The new phone won’t work in any of the same places where the old phone worked before it went for a swim.

He writes:

I purchased a re-furb phone from Net10 earlier this week. Unfortunately because of bad credit I have to use pre-paid cell service. I have never had an issue with Net10 until today and have been pleased with them for over a year.

Yesterday I did everything I needed to do to transfer my number to the new phone and it appeared that all had went well, except for the fact that I could not make or receive calls or texts and had that little “No Service” message. They are trying to tell me it is because there is no coverage for that phone for this area when in fact I had the same model some months ago until an unfortunate pool accident. Not to mention I was out and about last night in a metropolitan area served by numerous towers and still had zero bars.

Now they are hedging over refunding my money for the refurb phone that is obviously no good and saying its a “coverage” issue. Oh and the tech who emailed me actually noted “we tried to call you at this number,left a voice mail.” Uh yeah Einstein-what part of “my phone has no service and I cannot make calls” did you get mixed up?

So now I have two useless cell phones with no service and they are insisting that if I want the number reverted BACK to my old phone, I have to call them for a new SIM card.

Again, they do not seem to understand that “No Service” means “no phone,no phone calls,no nothing.”

Maybe the escalations department at Net10 can help. Their number is the same as Tracfone: you can reach them at or 1-800-876-5753.

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