Why Didn’t Roku Explain That A Warranty Replacement Is Really An Exchange?

Image courtesy of (Jinx!)

A. got a Roku as a gift, and thought that it would keep working for a while. No… not really. It didn’t work from the start. He called tech support, who authorized an exchange for a working unit. What they failed to do was explain that “exchange” meant that they needed the old one back. His girlfriend tossed it out in the interim. No broken Roku? No replacement Roku.

He writes, possibly without taking any breaths:

I was given a Roku HD unit as a gift from my cousin unfortunately this particular one was as the roku tech support termed it “really a dead unit.” After their trouble shooting was unsuccessful the next day I got an email insisting that they would replace my Roku but I had to send the old one in. The people that assigned me a return authorization number neglected to tell me this, and while I was at work the following day my girlfriend threw the unit out even though they confirmed my serial number and walked me through all the steps to try and get it to work (and failing) and after being hung up on and jerked around by their customer service and after being given for 5 different email addresses to try and ten different people to talk to Roku who is basically telling me to p*** off this is very upsetting

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