Motorola To Customers: Sorry, No Android Upgrades For Your New-ish Devices

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Customers who bought the Motorola Photon and other very recent smartphone models are unhappy. When they bough the phones, Motorola bragged that they’d soon be upgraded to a newer version of the Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s not the very newest version, mind you, but it’s a newer version. Now, their phones are less than a year old, and the promised upgrade is never going to come.

It’s easy to dismiss them as a bunch of whiners who want a few new software features, but it’s more complicated than that. The FBI has warned consumers about mobile malware creeping out there on the Internets. What’s a great way to avoid it? Use a more current operating system.

Reader Saul owns the Photon, one of the devices that was once part of the Android Update Alliance. Those were phones that were supposed to be eligible for updated versions of Android until 18 months after their release. It’s only after Google purchased Motorola Mobility that these promised upgrades have been taken away. Customers are left feeling betrayed and lied to. Saul writes:

In essence, they have effectively lied to consumers about the way they handle business and I would like for this to be brought to light, so that others may know just what they are getting into when dealing with Motorola Mobility and its affiliates. It is just very frustrating to have such a high-end device (that I worked hard to have) be left in the dark and abandoned by a company that I thought to be one of the leaders of the communications and development industry.

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