Males And Adult Women Don’t Want To Meet One Direction? Well, Probably Not

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Do you have an overwhelming desire to meet the band members of One Direction? Me either. And if you’re male or 30 or older, you probably aren’t in the band’s main demographic anyway. But Victor questions a contest run by Seventeen magazine to meet the band members of One Direction that excludes all females ages 30 and over and all males.

My daughter was perusing the rules for the new One Direction contest, sponsored by Seventeen Magazine, when she saw in the rules that if you’re a male fan or over 29 years old, you’re out of luck. Seemed like a great bit for The Consumerist, since this is anti-(male)consumer. The rules explicitly state that only Females 13-29 can enter:

3. ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous states or District of Columbia, who are female and 13-29 years of age at time of entry

Seems very, very discriminatory. I mean, this isn’t a contest for a feminine hygiene product. There are gay, and probably some straight teen dudes that would like to win this. Why are they locked out?

Well, they aren’t in the target demographic for that magazine, but then, neither are females who are old enough to drive.

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