Salem Restaurants Form Banishment Cabal: Mess Up At One, You’re Barred From All 24

The town of Salem, Massachusetts is bumping with Halloween revelers during its busiest month, October. But said revelry can be too much for the local eateries, which have banned together to deal with unruly customers. The “One Strike and You’re Out” policy is exactly what it sounds like — you mess up and you are outta there, no ifs ands or buts about it.

CBS Boston says there are 24 Salem restaurants in the group, meaning you get arrested or given a no-trespass order at one restaurant and that means you’re banned from all 24 of them for six months.

The program had actually been in place since 2008, but was revived recently when there was a problem situation at one restaurant.

“It’s really more precautionary. I don’t think Salem has a reputation as being a bawdy place or a dangerous place to go,” one owner tells the news station.

Another owner agrees, saying not too many people have been banned but if the threat of that punishment is hanging over their heads, they might behave better.

“It’s beauty is in its deterrent factor. Threatening somebody with not being able to go to any of the awesome bars in Salem for six whole months helps keep people behaving themselves.”

October is Salem’s busiest time of year, what with all the history in the town of witch hunts and other seasonal enticements.

But we want to know…

Salem Restaurants Join Together To Ban Rowdy Customers For 6 Months [CBS Boston]
Salem Restaurants Join Together To Ban Rowdy Customers For 6 Months